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Written by Anonymous   
Saturday, 01 December 2007 00:00

"Look at the time," Sharon screamed glancing at the kitchen clock,

quickly gulping down the hot cup of coffee she held, and squirming.

"I'm late again". She grabbed at her toast, placing it in her mouth,

she snatched her bag, kissed her parents and within a flash was gone.


Carol and Kevin just looked at each other, smiled and continued with

their breakfast. "She'll get the sack, one of these days," Kevin

mumbled between munches of toast.


Carol sniggered. "She's an accountant," she tutted amused. "Accountants

don't get fired, they account," she giggled at her silly reply. Kevin

raised a quizzical eyebrow and looked sarcastically at her. "I know, I

know," she smiled, "I just didn't know what to say, anyway, she looked

at her wrist watch, impatiently tapping it with her finger, you'll be

late soon if you don't hurry up".


"Oh god yes," Kevin jumped out of the chair, kissed her on the cheek and

then was gone too. Clearing away all the breakfast dishes only took a

few minutes.


Carol switched on the radio, happily jigging along with the music, doing

the washing up. When the music suddenly stopped. "I have an important

newsflash," came the deep husky voice over the loud speakers. "There has

been a serious train crash in Birmingham, on the Milton Keynes to

Birmingham line". Carol dropped the plate to the floor, with a crash.

It seemed to shatter into a million pieces, just like her life. That was

Kevin's train, she thought. I can't live without him, what will I do,

please let him be safe.


Her heart began to pound, deafening out the husky voice for a moment.

"If you have any loved ones or relatives who may have been aboard the

train, please ring 0800 55523. Your calls will be answered as soon as

possible, please keep calm, Thank you for your patience. He didn't have

a clue what she felt at that moment, the pain that ran through her

heart was unbearable.


The music came back on. It seemed a little too cheerful now, she leaned

over to turn it off and was struck by the loss she felt. Carol pulled

herself a seat from under the kitchen table, sat down and cried her

heart out. She lit herself a cigarette to calm her nerves, but it

didn't work. Carol picked up the phone and dialled the number, it was

engaged again, in pure frustration she threw the phone down, "Bloody

hell!" she screamed at the top of her voice.


"I can't stay here and do nothing, I'll go mad" She paced up and down

wearing a hole in the kitchen lino, contemplating her next move. She

grabbed for her car keys, her bag and rushed out of the house. Carol

got in the car and started it up. It began to purr just like a kitten,

so Kevin used to say, and then it died. This must be an omen, she

sighed. She turned the key but still no good.


Carol flew into a rage, punching at the steering wheel and sobbing

uncontrollably. "If only he had been a few minutes late, he might still

be here," Carol cried "He would have missed that train!" "Start you

bloody car, start," Carol cursed. The loud roaring of the engine took

hold, subsiding into a soft purring sound. Pushing it quickly into

gear, she drove off to the train station.


Reaching the station she was confronted by hordes of cars and frustrated

people. All of them seemed to be shouting at the station master, all

desperately trying to get heard at once. "We have no information for

you at the moment," came the message over the loud speaker. "Please be

patient, when we have some news, you will be the first to hear it", but

the crowd wouldn't listen. The station master, a plumpish, grey haired

man about fifty started to get flustered, with all these people

shouting at him. As if the situation had something to do with him.

Carol sat in her car, patiently watching the maddening crowds, for a

split second she actually felt sorry for the guy. Then she was filled

with grief, grief for not knowing what had happened to her beloved

Kevin. Knowing instinctively by the raging crowds there was nothing she

could do here, she turned the car round and went slowly back home to

sit it out there.


Every five minutes Carol rang the emergency number given out over the

radio. But there was no new information available at the moment.

Sitting alone in her kitchen, she tried to focus on the good times that

she'd had with Kevin. Imagining that her husband would walk through

that front door ranting and raving about something and nothing like he

usually did.


Her silence was broken by the ringing of the phone. Tears struck, Carol's

heart leapt, was it the station? What had happened to Kevin? Was he all

right or was he... her heart began to pound loudly in her breasts,

butterflies did cartwheels in her stomach. She reached for the receiver

and gently lifted it to her ear as if, for some reason, it would break

in her hands. "Hello," she said, her voice quiet and quivering.

"Darling, I've missed my train". came the reply


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